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实现互联网的全球化 To Unite the Earth Connect It

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本文摘要:SEVENTY years ago, the United Nations was formed as the expression of a simple choice: cooperation instead of war. Humanity would stand as one against conflict, poverty and disease. All the world’s voices would be heard.70年前,联合国的创建指出,人类作出了


SEVENTY years ago, the United Nations was formed as the expression of a simple choice: cooperation instead of war. Humanity would stand as one against conflict, poverty and disease. All the world’s voices would be heard.70年前,联合国的创建指出,人类作出了一个非常简单的自由选择:合作而非战争。全人类应当团结起来,应付冲突、贫困和疾病。

世界上所有人的声音都不应被听见。At least, that was the plan.最少,那时是这样计划的。We’ve come a long way. We’ve halted and reversed the spread of killer diseases, extended life expectancy and raised incomes. We’ve even walked ourselves back from the edge of some global conflicts and catastrophes. But progress has not been evenly distributed. Too many people have been left outside of a mostly urban, mostly Northern success story.我们一路走过获得了很大的进展。我们遏止和挽回了可怕疾病的传播,缩短了预期寿命,提升了收入水平。


顺利的故事主要在城市、在北半球,而过于多的人被消逝在这些顺利故事之外。Seeing that, world leaders put forth a new set of global goals in New York last week. If we want to build a world where not just some but all get to live in security and prosperity, there’s a lot still to do, as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development signed off on by United Nations member states shows.亲眼目睹这些现象,世界各国领导人上周在纽约明确提出了一系列新的全球目标。如果我们期望建构一个不仅让一部分人,而是让全体人都可以生活在安全性与兴旺中的世界,我们仍有很多工作要做到。

联合国成员国签订的《2030年可持续发展议程》就反映了这一点。It lists 17 goals and 169 targets, and one of these, 9(c), is a target that we believe is crucial to accelerate realization of all the others: a commitment to provide Internet connectivity for all by 2020.议程中所列17项总体目标和169项明确目标。

我们坚信其中一项目标,即编号9(c)的目标,对促使其他所有目标的构建是至关重要的:允诺到2020年,让全世界所有人终端互联网。Today over half the people on this planet don’t have access. That is not good for anyone — not for the disempowered and disconnected, and not for the other half, whose commerce and security depend on having stable societies.今天,我们这个星球上多达半数的人无法终端网络。这对任何人来说都不是好事——对那些正处于劣势、没能连进网络的人并非好事,对另外一半也一样,因为后者的利益和安全性都相结合于社会的平稳。

An unprecedented array of technologists and activists — from Mo Ibrahim to Bill and Melinda Gates, action/2015, Ushahidi and Sahara Reporters have come together to support a global Connectivity Declaration, pledging their support for the new global goals and connecting the world to opportunity. This needs to become a global movement.从穆·易卜拉欣(Mo Ibrahim)到比尔和梅琳达·盖茨(Bill and Melinda Gates),从“行动/2015”(action/2015)到“见证者”(Ushahidi),再行到“撒哈拉记者”(Sahara Reporters),一系列科技界人士和活动人士史无前例地牵头一起,反对一项全球“点对点宣言”。他们允诺不会反对新的全球目标,让全世界与机遇连接。这必须沦为一项全球性的运动。In this century, global development and global connectivity are closely linked. If you want to help people feed, heal, educate and employ themselves around the world, we need to connect the world as well. The Internet should not belong to only three billion people, as it does today. It should be seen as a necessity for development, and a tool that makes larger things possible.这个世纪,全球发展与全球网络网络是密切相关的。

想帮助世界各地的人获得饱足、医疗、教育并自力更生,我们也必须让全世界终端网络。互联网不应当像今天这样,只归属于30亿人口。它应当被视作发展的必需品,一个用来成就更加远大目标的工具。In Ethiopia and Tanzania, for example, farmers connect to get better prices, track inventory and make mobile insurance payments in case of bad weather. In Nigeria, citizens use BudgIT, a mobile app, to assess whether governments keep their spending promises. The opportunity is especially great for women. Men have significantly more access to the web, but when women get connected, they use technology as a pathway to better education, health, economic status and security. In Guatemala, cellphones inform mothers how to have healthy pregnancies. In Kenya, women receive financial services via their cellphones thanks to the brilliant M-Pesa microfinance scheme.以埃塞俄比亚和坦桑尼亚为事例,当地的农民可利用网络谋求较高的售价、跟踪库存、通过移动设备缴纳保险费用,防止天有不测风云。



而在肯尼亚,利用M-Pesa这个出众的微型贷款计划,妇女们需要通过手机取得金融服务。In the last few weeks, we’ve watched desperate refugees seek shelter on the frontiers of Europe. Smartphones have made it possible for those left behind to communicate with loved ones across checkpoints and razor wire. The Internet connected our world in shared grief as a Syrian child’s death on a beach in Turkey came to symbolize every refugee. Social media carried the message and changed not just popular opinion but public policy.过去几周,我们看见许多难民铤而走险,在欧洲边境谋求避难。智能手机使得那些回到当地的难民,以求与穿过了检查站和铁丝网的亲人维持连系。网络使全世界人,联合为一个杀在土耳其海滩上的叙利亚男童致哀,使他沦为了每位难民的联合象征物。

社交网络不只传送了信息,同时也促使了公众意见与公共政策的转变。It’s one thing to say we should connect the world. The real trick is how.然而用网络联结全世界说来更容易,做到一起无以。


There’s no simple solution or silicon bullet.并不不存在简单的解决方案,或者一蹴而就的技术工具。In many places, increasing connectivity will have to start with extending access to energy. Nine out of 10 rural Africans don’t have electricity. Governments can make the difference. This is why we support initiatives like President Obama’s Power Africa plan and the bipartisan Electrify Africa Act in Congress, as well as the African Development Bank’s investments in renewable energy.在许多地方,想要普及网络连接,得再行从普及能源供应开始著手。非洲农村地区的民众十分之九没电力能用,政府当局可以在这个方面带给转变。

这就是我们为什么要反对奥巴马总统明确提出的“电力非洲计划”(Power Africa)、两党在国会联合明确提出的《非洲电气化法案》(Electrify Africa Act),以及非洲开发银行(African Development Bank)对可再生能源的投资。Where governments lay the foundation, the private sector can build. Promising efforts are underway to bridge the digital divide. But we know the global community can, and must, do more — and urgently. The Intel Foundation’s work in STEM education, Microsoft’s use of technology to advance the Millennium Development Goals and Google’s Project Loon to connect remote locations illustrate how technology leaders are prioritizing this effort, as is Internet.org, Facebook’s contribution to meeting the challenge.政府打下基础之后,私营部门就能之后建设。我们为增大数字鸿沟所代价的希望前景可期。不过我们也很确切,世界各国可以也应当做出更加多贡献,而这是刻不容缓的。

英特尔基金会(Intel Foundation)为理工和数学教育所做到的工作,微软公司利用科技前进千年发展目标(Millennium Development Goals)的希望,以及谷歌为偏远地区获取网络终端的热气球计划(Project Loon),都表明出有科技巨头将此视作当务之急。Facebook旗下的Internet.org也为应付挑战作出了贡献。More technology companies and entrepreneurs must take more responsibility. Silicon Valley should look beyond itself and act more on issues like education, health care and the refugee crisis. We challenge the tech industry to do far more for those most marginalized, those trapped in poverty, and those beyond or on the edge of the network.必须有更加多科技公司与企业家分担起更加多责任。

硅谷不只应当注目自身,还应当采行更加多行动,应付教育、医疗及难民危机等议题。我们想要对科技产业明确提出挑战,替那些最边缘化、为贫困所困,还有那些网络所无法及的人群,代价更大希望。All the global goals must be scored — but the goal of connectivity for everyone everywhere will surely hurry this game-that’s-not-a-game to its successful conclusion. Hurry being the operative word here.所有的全球目标都必需达成协议,然而让世界各地的所有人都终端互联网的目标,认同能加快这场并非儿戏的长跑。